Spring Cleaning

Apr 14, 2024

PRANAYĀMA (and related āsanas)

Open to all students and teachers.

Qualifies for 3 Yoga Alliance CEU’s

Explore the art and science of Pranayama. Learn how to access the thoracic and pelvic diaphragms, how to liberate the intercostal muscles by practicing the relevant asanas. This 3-hour workshop will highlight asana related to posture, breath and core activation. Appropriate restorative poses will lead to subtle explorations of pranayama techniques including: Ujjayi, Kapalabati, Kumbhaka, Bhramari, Sitali and Sounding. Learn why, when and how to do each one.

Get an early start on your holistic cleansing and reactivating Agni, the inner fire!



Andrea Escos PT, RYT-500

loves to share the practice of yoga and bring subtle awareness to our body and our mind. She is a 2007 graduate of Open Sky Yoga Teacher Training and has been teaching ever since. Andrea specializes in posture and movement with over 30 years of practice as a physical therapist and is grateful for 20+ years of practice with Francois Raoult as well as various Senior Iyengar teachers through Open Sky. She has a special interest in the body-mind relationship, and continues to study with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Dr. Svetlana Masgutova. Andrea shares her joy of teaching yoga in a mindful, practical and playful manner, providing fresh insights to students of all levels and abilities.

"As an earthen pot must be baked in a furnace before it can store water, so should the body be baked by the fire of asana to experience the true effulgence of pranayama." —BKS Iyengar

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For more information: Francois Raoult

Option Fee
Spring Cleaning $80