A collection of essays, poems and aphorisms on Yoga and Life


My name is François Raoult—ethnomusicologist, yoga teacher, and student of Life.
I started Yoga in 1972 when I returned from my first pilgrimage to India. After five decades of practice, teaching, explorations, and inner/outer travels, it was time to write a book. Something my students and friends had been pushing me to do for years. A form of legacy.

The tragic pandemic meant I stopped traveling and teaching, cancelling retreats and workshops in many countries and suspending teacher trainings in Europe and America. Since March 2020, Life has given me precious time and an almost monastic daily routine in which I have finally had the opportunity to reflect, focus, and write every day. Over the years I have of course written in airports, cafes, lost places in the Himalayas, and remote islands. Now, I’m happy to share the book, My Lifāsana!

The book contains many visionary illustrations by mexican multi-media artist Karina Alvarez. It also has a substantial bibliography and discography.

My Lifāsana is a series of essays, aphorisms and poems—some philosophical, some technical, some autobiographical—about Life and all facets of Yoga: Pilgrimage, Asana, Pranayama, Music, Architecture, Puppetry, Savasana, Teaching, and what I call Miscellaneous. Some texts are serious, some wild.


It’s a delight that you are doing wonderful work in the field of Yoga and Music.
—Sri Prashant S. Iyengar 

You have not only written a book about learning yoga; you have written a book about how to live life. Strongly recommended. It will blow away all your mental cobwebs.
—Judith Hanson Lasater  

If you seek to understand yoga then you should journey with Francois for that is the pilgrimage to soulfulness, what in Sanskrit is called sahṛdaya, to be “with the heart.”
—Douglas Brooks  

Francois, a world traveler, has studied deeply with many renowned masters of yoga and meditation. He has translated his life experience, personal insight and extensive understanding of the physical and metaphysical body into a wonderful book.
—Baird Hersey

To call Francois a “yoga teacher” is something of a misnomer; he’s rather a teacher of life who uses yoga as one of his modalities.
—Richard Rosen 

This book distills the experiences of decades of study and practice into the fundamentals that every student of yoga needs to know and embrace: refine the perception of all your senses, reconnect with nature, develop aplomb, work with sound, learn to laugh.
—Robert Svoboda

One of the gifts of François Raoult’s Lifāsana is that this book reads like its title. Readers are invited into the wanderings of this great yogi’s mind, clearly shaped not just by his teachers (Noëlle Perez-Christiaens and B.K.S. Iyengar) but all the life experiences that imprinted on François to date.
—Ellen Horovitz


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