Sound Journey

Friday, June 9, 2023 7-9pm

In a Sound meditation, you are taking a bath of Sound, you are diving IN the Sound... A whole array of instruments ( gong, bells, chimes etc...) will be played and resonate in your cells. Listening with your whole body as a giant ear, you will travel in a deep shamanic Journey. EVERYBODY IS WELCOME!



Michael Jay

is one of the first US students of Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux. He is a primary member of Don’s Mysterious Tremendom performance group, and assist him with Gong Trainings. Michael is also periodically involved with the Open Center as a facilitator in their Sound And Music Institute program. He is continually fascinated with the incredible healing nexus created by sound. Since 2015, Michael has worked with Osteopath Joseph Schmidlin and Yoga teacher Andrea Escos in workshops teaching how to incorporate sound and bodywork into a healing practice. He cofounded a sound healing instrument and teaching platform called OneTone Sonic Alchemy. Michael studied Shiatsu at the Ohashiatsu institute in NYC and tuning forks in the Acutonics and Biosonics systems. You can catch Michael performing Sound Baths with other well-respected sound therapists all around NYC and across the country. Check out his recordings with S.U.N and Virtuoso world music pioneer Tomchess.

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Option Fee
Sound Bath $40