Restorative Yoga

SUNDAY AUGUST 18, 2024 1:30-4pm

Open to All

Restorative yoga was created by the Iyengar family in the 80s...
Restorative yoga is to rest deeply; it is a state in which there is no movement, no effort, and the brain is quiet. We will use props to move the spine through its range of motion, invert to move the fluids of the body to enhance heart function, stimulate and sooth organs, and through breath work, balance Prana and Apana energy. Join me, to find middle ground between overstimulation and depletion as we embrace the summer of 2024.
Reset, renew, relax, restore, regenerate, retreat, reflect and let go!



Kinga Kondor-Hine LMHC, NCC, RYT-200

found her passion for yoga some 30 years ago and she completed Essential Teacher Training with Francois Raoult in 2013. She has studied with and is influenced by the work of senior Open Sky Teachers along with the work of: Judith Hanson Lasater—Relax and Renew Level 1, Lizzie Lasater-Deep Rest, Laura Allard-Antelmy—Anatomy, Mary Richards-Anatomy, Amy Weintraub-Life Force Yoga, and Rose Kress-Life Force Yoga. Kinga combines the language of therapy with principals of yoga: breath work, mindfulness, guided meditation, and restorative poses as a means for healing in counseling sessions as well as on the yoga mat. Kinga can be reached at

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Option Fee
Restorative Session 1:30-4pm $55