Sep 20, 2020

Travel from prevedic times till tomorrow in one day! An aerial overview of Indian philosophy. Please bring and attach your seat belt. There may be zones of turbulence in your belief systems!

Dr. Brooks’ lectures have been very influential in the way I see and experience the world of yoga and the world as a whole. His insights into spiritual life— the very essence of religion—and his refined use of semantics and metaphors help me to grasp, in a non-dogmatic way, the classical and tantric currents of Indian philosophy. This a must for any serious (and not so serious) yoga student.

—FRANÇOIS RAOULT, Director of Open Sky Yoga

(15% student and senior discount)

ZOOM information will be provided prior to workshop.

for information contact : or call 585.330.7601

Option Fee
10-4pm with lunch break $120