Drinking From the Source, Part 2

Drinking From the Source, Part 2

Worldwide from France

Oct 18, 2020


The Source thirsts to be consumed and so, if we are called to drink it, it’s impossible not to find it. La source a soif d’ etre bue et si nous avons soif de la boire il est impossible de ne pas la rencontrer. —SAINT IRENEE

Practice has to explore different relationships to gravity–upside down, sitting, standing, supine –and cover all planes of movement: sagittal with flexion and extension, frontal with lateral poses and transversal with rotations. Being functional is a spiritual practice, becoming cosmically integrated. An essential practice always includes pranayama, bandha and deep relaxation.

OCTOBER 17, 2020 10am-12pm / (4-6 pm France, Belgium etc.. ) Asana: Learn one of the mindful routines that François is practicing daily, with insightful details and few surprises ...

OCTOBER 18, 2020 10am-12 pm (no food before the session!) Pranayama : Tridoshic bhastrika, ujjayi and bhramari pranayama. Learn advanced basics in depth to be able to practice a daily breathing routine safely.

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François Raoult, M.A., ERYT500, C-IAYT

François is the founder and director of Open Sky Yoga Center in Rochester, N.Y. and has taught yoga since 1975. He conducts retreats and teacher trainings worldwide and is a CEO of the new Open Sky Yoga Therapy Training. He was among the first french yoga instructors to study in Pune, India with B.K.S. Iyengar. François is Certified in Gong and Laughing Yoga, completed the International Sound Healer program and holds a master’s degree in Ethnomusicology.

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Option Fee
Part 2: Pranayama $60
Parts 1 & 2 $108