Oct 9-11, 2020

A weekend seminar with ARTHUR KILMURRAY

May 1-2-3, 2020

FRIDAY 6-8:30pm Pranayama: The Art of Breathing

SATURDAY 12-6pm (with tea break) Asana Explorations 1

SUNDAY 9-5pm (with lunch break) Asana Explorations 2

When the body is alive, awake and in harmony with itself and the world around, the soul is free to give birth to all of its unique cre- ativity and joy. Yoga is a powerful practice, but to awaken the soul, it must allow us to be authentic and unique. This inner freedom is the yogic journey.

Arthur’s classes are explorations in embodied spiritual consciousness, where stillness and vibrancy meet in aliveness and creative self expres- sion. BKS Iyengar’s support and inspiration gave him the confidence to journey into asana practice and discover the ultimate mystery that envelops, nurtures and informs us all. Swami Dayananda’s brilliant teachings clarified Vedic spirituality. The fluid explorations of Emilie Conrad’s Continuum and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen’s “Body-Mind Centering awakened the intelligence of his water molecules. Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme provided a Cosmic context for practice and teaching. His current passions informing his teaching are embodied embryology, Active Dreaming studies with Robert Moss. Please check out his web site, for more details his other influences and the broad scope of his teaching.

Entire Seminar $285, Friday $55, Saturday and Sunday $245

15% discount for seniors, students and ETT graduates

Open Sky Yoga, 7 Arnold Pk. (behind Zen Center) 585-301-4416

Download and print flyer: PDF

Option Fee
Friday 6-8:30pm $55
Saturday + Sunday $245
Entire Seminar $285