Yoga for Women's Health


Aug 22, 2020


This workshop will explore modifications to our yoga practice and lifestyle as we adapt with our changing bodies from month to month and decade to decade. From PMS to menopause, yoga may reduce symptoms such as depression/moodiness, fatigue, cramps, headaches, and general discomfort producing a safe, grounding and balancing experience. We will clarify “how and why” through practical principles and applications so that the theory may become a personal practice. We will include anatomy and exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor awareness, harmonize breath and bandhas, move through active poses, restorative and supported poses including pranayama and meditation. Even if you do not have a menstrual cycle, all women have cyclical life conditions.

Beginners welcome!

ZOOM conference details will be provided prior to class.

15% discount for students and seniors

Download and print flyer: PDF

Option Fee
Seminar, 1-3:30 pm $50